NoSQL Course


Abstract :

Data became the main measurement for IT industry and with huge data comes a huge headache in reading/writing these data in an efficient way, this would cost a lot when using traditional RDBMS so NoSQL came into the game to cope with such scenarios that RDBMS couldn't handle efficiently, this course will take you though the NoSQL world and get to know how NoSQL differs in architecture from RDBMS and master the NoSQL Cassandra DB as well .

Instructor : Assem Ragab

Course Content:

    • Business became in a real need to new storage criteria 
    • Limitation of RDBMS against new business models 
    • Theories behind NOSQL 
    • NOSQL Data structures 
    • When to use NOSQL 
    • NOSQL case study : Cassandra 
    • Cassandra Data structure 
    • Configure Cassandra cluster 
    • Java TO Cassandra client API 
    • Altogether in a project 
  • Time:
    • Days: Friday and Saturday
    • Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (8 hours per day for 4 days)

Fees : 1000 LE

Place: MeetUp (Roxy)

Start Date: Once we reach 12 attendee

To register:

 Pay 1000 in any HSBC branch for  TIE organization   --  Account Number : 092-012301-001  and call 01062288857 to confirm payment


Visit TIE company to pay  (26 emtdad ramsis from mamdoh salem   0222623419)


Collect from home (we can send a collector to you with extra fees ( 25 per person ) )