JUniversty - FCI Zagaziq University



Dear EGJUG Members ,

We would like to announce our second event for university students (JUniversity)

JUniversity is a community event for students who would like to be more familiar with Java technology and our target is to help them make first step in Java world

Venue :  FCI  Zagaziq University

Date: Saturday 10/December/2011

Audience: FCI Zagaziq university students (Outsiders can attend also)

Fees: free

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Session Abstract

  • Introduction to Java & JVM : Introducing features and overall view of java and the life cycle of a java application,this session will focus on the basic headlines of the sdk and the dev methodology.
  • Core Web Application Development using Servlets & JSP: core technologies in J2EE used in web development (Servlet, JSP, Simple DAO models). Session covered by short Presentation covering development technique and IDE (Eclipse) and simple stock management web app. live development (how to, hints, tricks, remarks ... etc).
  • Introduction to JDBC & Hibernate: Introducing the java API JDBC, what is it, how to use it,Introducing ORM concept using hibernate as one of the most popular ORMs."Session prerequisite, basic database and SQL knowledge.
  • Introduction to JBoss Application Server & EJB: Focus in the session will be on what AS are and difference between web servers and application servers, then I'll show a sample EJB application using the most important application server features relevant to any development experience students will face.
  • I'm = Engineer -1: Funny soft skill session about self confidence under the name of .the main idea of this session is everyone is (-1) till he discovers his own special talent. when he utilizes his talents, and builds skills that suitable for his personality. he becomes a pioneer and may be a legend in his field. that's why we are -1. we hope all to be Engineer++ .this contains also hints about Open Source and benefits of directing your thoughts to it


  • Khaled Al Ghazaly, a Marketing Coordinator & Teaching Assistant at Information Technology Institute (ITI) – JETS Department . He gained an experience in teaching a lot of courses like (Java Programming Language , OOP, C,C++, Swing , RMI, EJB 2.0, 3.0, Spring, XML, JAXP, JAXB, Introduction to Java ME, Introduction to Android).
  • Bahaa Farouka Svc Information Developer II at HP He has been in the IT Field since 2005 and he had shared in several phases of IT industry from analysis to design till final implementation and customer delivery . Bahaa is specialized in Java Development,Portal Development,  System Analysis and Design.
  • Mohamed Abouzeid, a Services Information Developer II at HP. He has an experience in government, telecom industries analyzing, proposing and developing solutions using J2EE technologies. He is also specialized in J2EE,ORM, Oracle Database, Apache Struts, Apache ANT, Java Script, BPEL, ESB, Drools Business Rules, Oracle Application Express.
  • Mahmoud Darwesh, a Technical Director, Co-Founder Qoudra. Qoudra is A Real Egyptian Technology Provider. They Don't Import Anything from out side egypt if it already exists inside! they Promote Egyptian Manufacturers and accept their offers if they are slightly higher that outside. Mahmoud also has M sc in  Mobile Cloud Computing , he have given more than 500 hours of Training and he has developed and consulted 25+ Mobile Solutions


From  To  Session Speaker
10:00 am 10:15 am Keynote
10:15 am 11:15 am Introduction to Java Khaled El Ghazaly
11:20 am 12:20 pm Core Web Application Development using Servlets & JSP Bahaa Farouk
12:20 pm 01:00 pm Pray Time
01:00 pm  02:00 pm I'm = Engineer -1 Mahmoud Darwesh
02:05 pm 03:05 pm Introduction to JDBC & Hibernate Bahaa Farouk
03:05 pm 03:30 pm Pray Time
03:30 pm 04:30 pm Introduction to JBoss Application Server & EJB Mohamed Abouzeid