Google Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project


Cool apps that surprise and delight mobile users, built by
developers like you, will be a huge part of the Android vision. To
support you in your efforts, Google has launched the Android Developer
Challenge, which will provide $10 million in awards -- no strings attached -- for great mobile apps built on the Android platform.

How It Works

The award money will be distributed equally between two Android Developer Challenges:

  • Android Developer Challenge I: We will accept submissions from January 2 through March 3, 2008
  • Android Developer Challenge II: This part will launch after the
    first handsets built on the platform become available in the second
    half of 2008

In the Android Developer Challenge I, the 50 most promising entries
received by March 3 will each receive a $25,000 award to fund further
development. Those selected will then be eligible for even greater
recognition via ten $275,000 awards and ten $100,000 awards.

Build Your Favorite Mobile Application

We welcome all types of applications but are looking to reward
innovative, useful apps that make use of Android's capabilities to
deliver a better mobile experience. Here are some suggested areas of
focus to get you started:

  • Social networking
  • Media consumption, management, editing, or sharing, e.g., photos
  • Productivity and collaboration such as email, IM, calendar, etc.
  • Gaming
  • News and information
  • Rethinking of traditional user interfaces
  • Use of mash-up functionality
  • Use of location-based services
  • Humanitarian benefits
  • Applications in service of global economic development
  • Whatever you're excited about!



i wonder if Android have devices, i mean its good since its Java but the same thing came from other Symbian developers abroad, does it have devices?


Mahmoud H.

I was wondering if there is any relation between Google Android and (Android = AndroMDA IDE). 

check this URL

Here are some previews of Android (Android = AndroMDA IDE).


Ali Abdel-Aziz Ali