"Social Network with Java" Course


Social networking is very important now days as modern application needs to communicate with Social Networking Applications like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+  to achieve its goal and reach millions of users, this course puts you on the right track to develop a java based application that interacts with the most famous social applications.

Instructor : Ahmed Gamal

Course Content:

Java Developers Conference 2012 Registration is Open!

JAVA Developer Conference 2012

JAVA Developer Conference 2012

Java Developers Conference (JDC) is the biggest and most important meeting place for software developers in Middle East and Africa and considered a forum for knowledge exchanging.

Red Hat to join JDC 2012 Sponsors list as Platinum Sponsor !

JUniversty - FCI Zagaziq University


Dear EGJUG Members ,

We would like to announce our second event for university students (JUniversity)

JUniversity is a community event for students who would like to be more familiar with Java technology and our target is to help them make first step in Java world

Venue :  FCI  Zagaziq University

Date: Saturday 10/December/2011

Audience: FCI Zagaziq university students (Outsiders can attend also)

JUniversity call for speakers


JUniversity is a community event for students who would like to be more familiar with Java technology. The sessions in this events will be for beginners and will target students with no Java experience.


Saturday:  22/October/2011
Saturday:  29/October/2011


FCI Cairo University


Android Course

Want to find a better job? or maybe you want to develop for android but you don't know from where to start? want all that in short time? Don't worry EGJUG will provide a course for Android development which is designed for you, either you have basic knowledge in java or professional java developer this course will suit you.

Course Fees: 1200 EGP, (And for Java 7 Day attendees we have special offer 800 EGP when they register for the course there at EGJUG booth), if you will not be able to attend Java 7 you can register for the course by sending an email to hashim@egjug.org

EGJUG Website will be migrated to a new server

EGJUG website will be moved to another server that gives much better hosting services. Migration plan will proceed as follows.

  1. The old site will be turned off. (Visiting it will give a "site offline" message).
  2. Site data will be moved to the new server.
  3. The name egjug.org will be moved to point to the new server. (This may need few hours up to 2 days to propagate)

This will start tonight. Starting tomorrow, seeing the website functioning means you are visiting the new website!

EGJUG website will be down for maintenance

Dear EGJUG memebers,
EGJUG website will be down at Saturday 11/4/2009 for maintenace.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you.


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