Java EE 7, 8 and beyond

You really don't want to miss this half day event, EGJUG will be introducing what's new in JEE 7 and JEE future releases, that's not all, EGJUG will also announce the kick off for the JCP program and will form a team of Java developers who can participate in shaping Java's future, and for sure we will have lots and lots of giveaways so what are you waiting for, just register by clicking here , hurry up as seats are limited (we really mean that)

Location : Cairo FCI (Seminar Hall)

Openness Developers Competition

Are you OPEN to coming up with an idea that serves Egyptians and/or solve nation-wide problem(s) using information technology to build up the necessary solution?
 If your answer is YES then it is your chance now to show your skills and participate in "Openness Developers Competition” from Eitesal and Microsoft.

Java Engineer (Technical Support) @ Liferay

Liferay Hungary is looking for support engineers with strong Java knowledge, good problem solving skills and fluent English and Arabic to join our team in Budapest.

EJB 3.1 Workshop

Abstract :

Hands on EJB 3 and get to know what you need to start your EJG project.

JSF 2 Workshop

Abstract :

In this workshop you will get to know the most of what you need,  with 8 hours focusing only on JSF 2 and JSF 2 best practice you will start your JSF project in no time.

OracleAS 10g R3: Build J2EE Applications Course

Abstract :

Web applications and Enterprise Application are the dominants in business now days, master them and you will be a key person, this course enables you to enter the world of Web and Enterprise Applications in no time .

Instructor : Mohamed Mostafa

The 21st EGJUG Gathering

EGJUG is happy to announce the 21st gathering on the 28th of April 2012 , so get ready and don’t miss it

"Introduction to Java" Course


Java is the most common programming language used around the world, with more than75% of the professional developers choose Java as their primary language, this course enables you to take your first steps in the Java world, it is a mandatory course if you want to work with Java.

Instructor : khaled alghazaly

Course Content:


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