This year, JDC2010 aims for Keeping Egyptian Java developers aligned with the most recent Java technologies in the world. This is achieved through our prestigious speakers form all over the world.
JDC provides a space for Egyptian Developers to share their knowledge and exchange their experience.
Egyptian Java users group EGJUG is the most active Java community group in Middle East , As a part of its continuous contribution for the for the empowerment of Java capability in Egypt , EGJUG is pleased to launch the 3rd Java Developers Conference "JDC 2010".

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The JDC 2010 will discuss interesting topics which will add a lot for the Egyptian developers and enrich their skills. The topics of JDC:-
  1. Rich Internet Application and Client (JSF, JavaFX, Adobe Flex, JBoss Rich Faces ..etc)
  2. Enterprise Application Integration (OSGi, Spring Integration, Enterprise Service Bus, SOA, Business Process Management,Enterprise Messaging, Webservices ..etc)
  3. General topics (Scalability, Clustering and Cloud, Performance Tuning, JDK7, JRuby, Groovey, Grails, Scala ..etc)
Register NOW and make sure to book your seat in the most useful event ever this year, you might be lucky to have one of the conference Giveaways ;).
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